Wednesday, 22 September 2010

In the beginning was the word, and the word was...

...postponed until the next blog post ;-D

And what do we all have to look forward to? Well, quite simply, anything which comes to my mind at any particular time about the heated contemporary debate over the existence of God. I find it an absolutely fascinating topic and have been steeped in reading, watching and writing about this for the past few years.

What are my views? Well, let's first ask, what can you deduce from the title of this blog? Notice my particular choice in the label "a-atheist". Pretty silly, yep? Somewhat contrived? Witty (I would only hope so, though I shalln't hold my breath for praise)!

I chose this deliberately to make my position obscure, as it is actually a bit of a geeky jibe at those atheists who wish to use the word to mean "non-theist". There is much more to tell, but not right now. Trust me, I could write/vent on this for volumes!

Throughout this blog, I will be voicing my thoughts on the New Atheism and faith in general: religious and non-religious. Some days I shall be seething at the cult of Dawkins and his junk-food logic; other days I shall be fuming at Young Earth Creationists and fundamentalists who leave a bad taste in the mouth; and on the third day, I may say something different, nuanced, or even just nice!

One way or another, these are my thoughts on this subject, and you are all welcome to them!

Ciao until then!

(p.s. I beg your patience while I try to get my head round silly technical hitches, html or just general maintenance blunders which may present themselves - including finding the right colour scheme - thank you muchly)


  1. Dude, you sure are sounding like a theist! But you make it clear that you're not.

    Would you be writing a post anytime soon describing your personal stance on religion/God/Christianity?

  2. To make one's life as Richard Dawkin's has, to consist of spending one's life stating that his subject matter doesn't exist,.. is somewhat unbelievably foolish. Yet I'm sure the money runs his life as well as his self made object.

    Think carefully if you would, for if in true fact we are nothing more than sensitised pieces of meat walking on the planet,and Jesus Christ was a lie of history,and hard, and good well worked over time consuming friendships and love relationships are all ending in nothingness, if the emotions are of little benefit, if words are meaningless, if life is without purpose, we mankind are the saddest piece of material walking on only two legs.

    All discussion on whether there is a God or not is meaningless.
    Yet what a great joy it is to find truth, meaning , purpose and real relationships and the answers to so many of our own inner fears, that the fact that Jesus exists is brilliant indeed.The entire world comes into meaning and purpose, life is not just a nothingness."God has said that the fool says in his heart their is no God" You cannot be more foolish than that.
    We miss the very real valuable point of everything in this life and in this universe when we say "there is no God"

    Yet,.. for those who ask after the truth, for those who will give the Bible a shot,they are the wise ones indeed for God opens your eyes, God gives you the reason he made you and me.

    Debating about a nothingness subject is pretty darn sad.Why spend our time debating an object that doesn't exist.

    My very best regards to all


  3. including finding the right color scheme

    This white on black is hard not he eyes. I think I'd at least pick something boring, like black on white, until you find something better. It would at least be easier on the eyes.

  4. Great idea Sam, that's awesome.